One thing the team at has noticed is that chalkboard material is being used more and more these days. From its use in store displays, pubs, and restaurants, the versatility of chalkboard is endless. Chalkboards are dynamic surfaces that allow the user to showcase their creativity. With that said, the team at sourced a well-made, industry-inspired chalkboard that anyone can have in their home or work environment: The AS-IS Brand Décor Chalkboard.

The AS-IS Brand Décor chalkboard is a surface to display your creativity but is also just straight up useful. From your dinner menu, a weekly planner, or a place to write a seasonal quote, the uses of this chalkboard are endless. It can be hung on a wall or simply leaned against one on a mantle or reading nook.

The AS-IS Brand Décor chalkboard is handmade by artisans. It is hand painted and made to look distressed.

Hand Made
From selecting the wood used to putting in the final finishing nail, these chalkboards are hand crafted.

Love & Care
These chalkboards are maintenance-free. The only thing you’ll need to worry about is what you are writing on it next.

Real Wood
The AS-IS Brand Décor chalkboard does not look like anything you would find in a big box store. The frame is real wood and is thick and ornate. It truly looks like a custom-made piece.

It's in the Wood
This chalkboard is made of solid pine. The sturdy frame is 2 1/2” thick.

Knots, grain, texture, oh my
These chalkboards really showcase the lines, wood grain, and texture that we all love about real wood.

Vintage Piece
The AS-IS Brand Décor chalkboard’s frame was made to look distressed and aged, while still maintaining a classic look. The paint is crackled in spots and there are distressed markings on the frame. These markings are not repetitive so it looks as the frame would had it naturally aged.

Color for Any Room
This frame is available in two different colors: Cream and Espresso. Whatever your décor, one of these colors is sure to fit the bill.