Faux Concrete Wall Install

In just 9 easy steps, you can get the look of cast concrete using urbanCONCRETE faux concrete wall panels. These concrete wall panels simply screw directly onto your wall without the need of any extra reinforcement. Follow these 9 quick steps to get the look of a concrete wall all by yourself!

Step 1: 

Remove all pictures, nails, etc. off your wall as urbanCONCRETE faux concrete wall panels can be installed directly over gypsum, wallpaper and other flat wall surfaces. Using a stud finder, mark the studs to install your faux concrete panels onto.

Step 2: 
Depending on the look you are going for, you can start from the center out or from an edge out.

Step 3: 

Make sure that your first panel is level. Using the tongue and groove, screw your first panel into the wall. Spacing out the screws every 12" - 16", or following your studs. Drywall/gypsum screws or wood decking screws work best for this.

Step 4: 
You can also mount the panels by screwing into the face circles or the panels pits to help fasten the boards to the wall. Don't worry about screw holes in the front of the pane, you can use the urbanCONCRETE caulking to hide these screws.

Step 5:  

After the first panel is installed, overlap the side tongue to install the next panel. Ensure that the spacing between urbanCONCRETE panels is equal to help with the lines. Also, make sure that your first row if 100% level.

Step 6:  

Once you have you are at the end of the row, you will need to measure and cut a panel to fit. Using a table saw, make the cut and install the urbanCONCRETE as you have installed the other ones. Overlap the edge and ensure the panel is level.

Step 7: 
Now that the first row is complete, finish each of the other rows. Once you get within 24" of the ceiling or the top of your install, measure the remaining wall. Cutting these panels to fit so you are still mounting them using the tongue and grooves.

Step 8:  
With your panels cut, install them by using screws on the face circles or pits. Slide them into place using the tongue and groove system.

Step 9: 
Once you've installed all the panels you can cover up seams, holes, or screws using the urbanCONCRETE caulking that matches the color of your panel.

Enjoy your amazing urbanCONCRETE wall!

Products Used:                                    Time:

Hourwall urbanCONCRETE washedGREY (circles)                  Approx. 3 hours

Spring Ahead With A New Wood Wall

With wood accent walls all the rage right now, this spring is a perfect time to work one into your space. Whether you are installing a nursery wood wall or wood wall panels in your living room, mod-ified.com has two wood wall decor products that are easy to install.

Our wood wall planks are simply nailed directly to your wall and do not contain any harsh chemicals or foreign debris as they are made to look just like reclaimed wood! Visit mod-ified.com to check out our AS-IS Brand Wood Wall and hourwall barnWOOD product lines. Spring forward with a new wood wall!

Hourwall barnWOOD weatheredGREY

AS-IS BRAND Wood Walls
Hourwall barnWOOD

See how easy it is.

If you are looking for a quick and simple DIY wood wall project, look no further than AS-IS BRAND Wood Walls. In just 6 quick and easy steps, I was able to transform my office wall. I didn't break the bank and was able to install the wood planks myself. Here's how simple it is.

Step 1.

Clear all art work, nails, etc. that may be sticking out from your wall as AS-IS BRAND wood planks can be placed directly over 
gypsum, wallpaper or other flat wall surfaces.

Step 2. 
Starting on the bottom row, and keeping the boards level, affix the boards from one side to the other. An air nailer works well (1 or 1-1/2" brad nails) or a construction-grade adhesive. Keep in mind to vary the board sizes, colors, and textures as you move along the wall. 

Step 3. At the end of a row, you will likely need to take a measurement and make a cut of the piece needed to finish off that row of wood wall.

Step 4. 
Start the next row using the cut piece from the previous row. This will help you reduce waste and allows you to stagger the joints, an important part of creating a varied look.

Step 5.  
Continue in this fashion for each row. When you are within 5" from the ceiling (or your desired height), simply measure the height of the remaining space.

Step 6.  
Using a table saw or hand saw, cut the boards lengthwise to the desired size for the final row (minus 1/16" to allow for possible expansion). Install the final row of boards.

Products Used:                                    Time:

AS-IS BRAND Wood Walls WHITE-ISH                             Approx. 3 hours

Let us help!

Mod-ified.com has you covered with the launch of our new customer-rendering service. After hearing back from customers and friends as to how difficult it is to envision how a wall product will look in their space, we knew that we had to fill this void.

All you need to do is email us a photo of the wall that you would like to put one of our feature wall products on. Within 48 hours we will send back your photo... mod-ified!
Our skilled team of designers will produce a custom mock-up of your wall, which will allow you to see the product and envision the real thing before you make the decision as to what feature wall product you will purchase. 

You likely have trimmed the tree and hung your stockings but is your fireplace ready for Santa?

Quality Stone faux stone panels are a perfect way to warm up your fireplace this holiday season. By simply using drywall screws, you can install these lightweight stone panels directly to your wall. They have the same fire rating as gypsum so they can be used for zero clearance & electric fireplaces.

Panels are cut with a regular wood saw blade, making install simple & fast. Unlike real stone, your wall does not require any reinforcement, which will save you time & money.

Black Friday has arrived at Mod-ified.com. Today is a perfect time to purchase those wall panels you have been thinking about. From wood planks to all types of decorative wall panels, we have your walls covered. Simply use coupon code: BLACK16 to receive 15% your purchase*. What are you waiting for? It's time to get your wall on.

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I've always dreamed of a wine room in my home but with the lack of space, this dream never seemed attainable. One day while I was staring at my broom closet door, that is when the aha moment happened. Why not turn this broom closet into a wine room? And with this idea I started creating the wine room I've always dreamt of!

Removing the Door

I simply took off the standard interior door of my closet and sent my vacuum and cleaning materials packing (to the basement). Voila, an instant blank canvas!

Once the door was off, and the space was clean it was time to really get started. The walls were just painted gypsum so no prep-work was required.

Adding Texture to the Walls

I then knew I needed to add a wow factor to my closet walls, something that would create depth and texture. I chose an interior feature wall product called Hourwall faux barnWOOD in the WEATHEREDGREY finish. Another product I considered using was AS-IS BRAND Wood Walls reclaimed wood planks. Ultimately, barnWOOD was chosen because of it having an insulative value being made of high-density polyurethane, as well as the 3D effect of the boards since the planks vary in thickness so some stick out from the wall more than others.

Mounting the Wine Racks

What good is a wine closet without wine racking? I installed the wall-mounted wine racks sold on mod-ified.com. Personally, I went with the VintageView 4-foot Wall Series racks as I didn't want to cover up my faux barnwood wall panels too much. I purchased three of the 4 foot racks and cut one of the racks to make the two vertical rows run from floor to ceiling.

Installing the LED Strip Lighting

This step may not be necessary as your closet may already have a light in it. My closet did not have a light so I purchased LED lighting strips and mounted them on the inside of the door jam, where they were hidden. This gave my closet a back-lit look that lights up the wine bottles.

Replacing the Door

I went on-line to a big box store and found a frameless glass shower door that fit the doorway of my closet. Standard interior doors vary in width, usually somewhere between 28 to 32 inches and are a standard 6' 8" height. I found a hinged shower door on-line for just over $500. Obviously this really ramps up the spend on this project, so if that is too much a less expensive option is to hang an interior glass door.

This renovation project truly changed the look of my hallway and turned a not-very-functional closet into a look of art. I enjoy seeing my wine collection on display and the wood planks I installed on my wall have made this space warm and inviting.

Time To Enjoy!

Products Used:

4-foot Wall Series (12 Bottle)
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