See how easy it is.

If you are looking for a quick and simple DIY wood wall project, look no further than AS-IS BRAND Wood Walls. In just 6 quick and easy steps, I was able to transform my office wall. I didn't break the bank and was able to install the wood planks myself. Here's how simple it is.

Step 1.

Clear all art work, nails, etc. that may be sticking out from your wall as AS-IS BRAND wood planks can be placed directly over 
gypsum, wallpaper or other flat wall surfaces.

Step 2. 
Starting on the bottom row, and keeping the boards level, affix the boards from one side to the other. An air nailer works well (1 or 1-1/2" brad nails) or a construction-grade adhesive. Keep in mind to vary the board sizes, colors, and textures as you move along the wall. 

Step 3. At the end of a row, you will likely need to take a measurement and make a cut of the piece needed to finish off that row of wood wall.

Step 4. 
Start the next row using the cut piece from the previous row. This will help you reduce waste and allows you to stagger the joints, an important part of creating a varied look.

Step 5.  
Continue in this fashion for each row. When you are within 5" from the ceiling (or your desired height), simply measure the height of the remaining space.

Step 6.  
Using a table saw or hand saw, cut the boards lengthwise to the desired size for the final row (minus 1/16" to allow for possible expansion). Install the final row of boards.

Products Used:                                    Time:

AS-IS BRAND Wood Walls WHITE-ISH                             Approx. 3 hours