AS-IS BRAND Wood Walls, Wood Walls Made Easy.

AS-IS brand Wood wall Planks used as a headboard.

All of us at Mod-ified simply love AS-IS brand Wood Walls. The impact of putting up distressed wood planks on a wall is second to none but it doesn’t just stop there. Why not clad a kitchen island or a bar with these planks? How about adding warmth to your bedroom by framing out a headboard on your wall and filling in the frame with these boards. 

If you have always wanted a barn door, why not create one by using these? AS-IS brand Wood Wall planks are very easy to install. In fact the team at Mod-ified have clad a variety of walls and objects with these boards so we can attest to how easy the install is! All you will need is a brad-nailer or a tube of construction adhesive, a saw, and a measuring tape. 

There is absolutely no prep of the wall other than removing any pictures that may be hanging on it. The boards are ¼” thick so they will not split or crack if they are being nailed. These are all reasons why we love AS-IS brand Wood Walls.


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